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  • What do your services cost?
    Our service is completely free for the seniors and families we assist. LTCA is compensated by the senior living communities and the care providers we work with.
  • Does that mean a senior living community might charge me more for utilizing your services?
    Absolutely not. First, senior communities and providers choose to work with partners like LTCA because our expertise and extensive network helps ensure a good fit—for both the resident and the community. Second, each of our facility partners has agreed to charge a rate consistent with that of other residents who may not have been referred from an agency.
  • How does your service work?
    Our biggest priority—besides helping you find the perfect new home—is to make the process as simple and stress-free as possible. We’ll typically follow this simple 4-step process together: It all starts with a call! 1. Call us at 206.765.6534 for an initial converstaion with one of our advisors to discuss your unique needs and requirements. 2. Assessment – A registered nurse will then assess your overall health needs and living requirements to help hone in on the type of living scenario that will be the best fit—for today and the future. 3. Tours – Based the results of the assessment, we’ll develop a short list of communities to visit that we believe are a good fit. Then together we will visit the the homes so that you can explore the setting, meet the staff and discuss possible living arrangements. 4. Placement – Once you find the perfect location we’ll partner with the chosen community and provide logistic support to move you into your new home.
  • What does an Advisor at LTCA do?
    Our primary role is to help you identify your needs and preferences, then provide you with information and options so you can make a well-informed and confident decision. Your advisor will be an experienced, knowledgeable and caring professional who helps you through each step of the process. While your Advisor will typically facilitate face-to-face visits and discussions, it is possible to complete the entire process via phone if you prefer.
  • Do I really need to use a service like LTCA?
    Finding the right senior living setting for a loved one, or for yourself, can be a daunting and overwhelming task. In fact, it can be one of the most important decisions you'll ever make. Working with LTCA will provide you with an expert partner who will save you time in identifying and prioritizing your needs and help you find the most appropriate options to choose from.
  • What types of senior living options are there?
    There are many different seinor living options available, our job is to help you choose the right facility for your individual needs. We can also help you find expert in-home care if that is an appropriate option for your situation. The housing options availalbe are: • Adult Family Homes • Assisted Living Facilities • Memory Care (Alzheimer’s & Dementia) Communities • Retirement (Independent Living) Communities • Skilled Nursing Facilities
  • Why do I need to visit the communities under consideration?
    To make an informed decision, we strongly recommend you, your advisor and your family tour the communities that interest you. You can experience the environment of the community, meet the staff, engage with other residents, sample the cuisine and really get a feel for the home. It’s nearly impossible to ensure it’s a good fit without taking this step.
  • Can LTCA tell me which option I should choose?
    The role of your Advisor is to provide you with information and hand-selected options based on your individual needs. The final decision will be yours to make with the confidence that comes with having an expert friend right by your side.
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